© Rusty Portner 2012 INSIDIOUS MEASURES Selections Selection 1: He moved backward, snaking across the floor behind furniture and fixtures, until he reached his computer desk. He slowly pulled a .45 Auto pistol from the bottom drawer and jammed the clip into it. He pulled the slide back and let it sling forward. Then he reached up and grabbed the cordless telephone, dialing 911. As he waited for the connection to complete, he looked across to the north end of the house. Then he scanned the south end. There was no sign of the intruder. Eddie decided that he needed a better vantage point, so he began making his way up the stairs leading to the bedroom lofts. As he started crawling upward, he heard the sound of glass shards falling from the glass pane behind him near the door and more from a picture on the wall behind the stairway. Selection 2: Joseph suddenly felt cast into the middle of something way over his head. There was only one way to respond to receiving such a message. He knew he needed to forward the information to one of the federal agencies. The problem was that he could not be curtain of the validity of the information or what unintended consequences might come from his next action? He immediately encrypted a message to his friend, Carlton, explaining the situation. He asked for advice, but mainly, he argued for permission or sanction to do what he knew he must do. Selection 3: President Feinstein accommodated him, directing him into his office and to the telephone near the drink bar. Ozzy Sforza picked up the line. It was a computerized voice message that said, “Please call Bradley at the following number...” Sforza hung up the phone, locked the door and opened his briefcase. He removed a blue plastic envelope and small device with four wires, two of which were attached to cups designed to cover the telephone receiver and speaker. He plugged the other wires into a small handset receiver. He used the blue envelope like a slide-rule, aligning several plastic strips of characters until they displayed “BRADLEY”. He turned over the plastic envelope and noted the seven corresponding characters displayed on that side of the envelope. Upon dialing his office, he input the seven characters into a small numeric keypad on the device. After a moment of chirping and screeching, the sound coming from the receiver transformed into the voice of the Director’s secretary, Ms. Wallace. She told him that it was urgent that they return, and that there was a threat of terrorism that must be handled quickly. A Political Thriller That Will Shake You