© Rusty Portner 2012 INSIDIOUS MEASURES Prologue On July 2nd, 2000, in a park on the outskirts of Bennington, Vermont, a large statue stood humbly under a concealing tarp. A public battle had ensued over the real meaning of the statue. One side had prevailed. The other side could not stomach the loss. It was too much. The memorial would have to be destroyed. A culture of entitled supremacy of cause let them believe that they must prevail by any means. Lola Wigman belly-crawled underneath the taut edge of the staked tarp and made her way to the base of the statue. She produced a small flashlight, turned it on and placed it between her lips. From a black satchel, she withdrew a block-shaped object wrapped in paper and surrounded by sixteen-penny nails bound with tape. Wires led from the shrapnel shrouded brick of C-4 to a small detonator and receiver. It was Lola’s intention that the bomb explode during the dedication ceremony. She would take out her political enemies and many others on the “wrong side of history” who dared oppose the march of progress. The Third Age must prevail in the new millennium. This was not her hope. This was her reason to exist, her life’s mission. Ever since she learned that her grandfather was one of the Weathermen, a soldier of the notorious Weather Underground, Lola knew she must take up the fight. She would dedicate her life to the work to which her mother and father and grandfather had devoted their lives. Lola understood well the principles of activism and revolution: Deny opponents their victory always; make the fight before they do so you force the compromise from the opposition; repeat the fight often, paring the whole into the half, then paring the half into a quarter and so on; and never let the opposition cry righteously. Lola relished her work being extolled to fresh recruits in the movement. The idea that the news media would broadcast her actions world-wide thrilled her. She would live forever in the American Psyche. However, she would be denied her moment of glory. The President of the United States decided at the last minute that the dedication of the statue was a good photo-op. The Secret Service worked with Park Rangers to secure the entire park and all vantage points surrounding it. A sweep of the area quickly led to the discovery of Lola’s bomb. Lola had been so confident that the bomb would be detonated that she had not concerned herself with the use of latex gloves while assembling the components. Once the Secret Service identified the origin of the bomb, Lola’s fate was written in a different book of history. A Political Thriller That Will Shake You