© Rusty Portner 2012 INSIDIOUS MEASURES Preface The killing of innocents on September 11, 2001 changed our nation. For a time, there was no place in our public discourse for the conversation on which this story expounds. In those days, months and years that followed, our national conversation was about how we must work together to protect all of us from a common enemy bent on our collective destruction. Eventually, the old agents returned with new vigor. The eternal struggle between good and evil is being fought again and America is the prize. We have witnessed an unprecedented attack from within on the most prized and important principles of Liberty which are necessary for the United States to remain Great and Free. Insidious Measures introduces to the reader what is possible when government contrives, the press advocates and the people stand. The subtext of this novel is eternally relevant. This is especially true with the ascension of the adherents to the Post-Modern Society which is antithetical to the American ideals and values. It is my hope that Insidious Measures not only entertains you, but fortifies your understanding of the principles of Liberty and the methods employed to undermine them. America is a unique and exceptional nation, like no other in the entire history of mankind. It must be preserved as a nation of free people: free to pursue happiness; free to express speech and exercise religion; free to act without the watchful or approving eye of government; free to be left alone; free to excel; free from the government intrusion and interference that the agents of faux-utopianism must force on us; and free to stand against those, no matter who they be, who would take any of these freedoms away from us. In writing this novel, I became confident that many moderate thinkers would be offended by the things I have to say. Wanting my words to be judged according to truth, as opposed to political dogmatism, I have included many facts in footnotes and the chapter notes at the end of this book to enlighten readers who want to understand more on a given issue or look the information up for themselves. It is my hope that the reader will judge this work, not only for its entertainment value, but also based on an objective look at the truth. I hope it will introduce concepts and provide insights into that part of American culture that holds low regard for the so-called Foreign Policy Establishment or Eastern Establishment. If the reader desires to know more (or know with greater confidence) the truths presented in this fictional story, they are publicly available. Often, the information may be viewed at any public Federal Deposit Library located in most major cities. This story is entertainment, first and foremost. If the reader comes away entertained, that is enough. But if, by reading Insidious Measures, greater understanding is attained, so much the better. The characters in this story are fictional, and are not intended to represent real individuals. In some cases, the characters are represented as interacting in a historical context or having agendas and ambitions that I have observed in real, contemporary circumstances. They are not intended to match individuals or personalities, but are designed to be illustrative of the motivations and characters of those driving the anti-Constitution movement. Many references are made to real events and factual information. I have made every effort to show these truths as such and avoid mingling fact and fiction in a way that makes it difficult to discern, without distracting the reader. In many cases, footnoting is used to differentiate fact from fiction. In other cases, the historical truth is referred to within the storyline in a way that is obviously not fictional. For example, the United Nations is real and the facts related about that entity are genuine, but the Global Union and the International Federalist Union are fictitious. Be advised that this book contains some violence. It is a part of the story of oppression and terrorism. It may not be suitable for young minds. A Political Thriller That Will Shake You