© Rusty Portner 2012 INSIDIOUS MEASURES America’s sovereignty and self-expression are on the line in the new, high-octane thriller, Insidious Measures by Rusty Portner. Daniel Huntington is a computer programmer whose ordinary life is thrown off kilter when he discovers a nefarious plot by a shady global group called the Quorum, which seeks to undermine every aspect of American life. As Huntington makes it his business to stop the Quorum, the American way and Daniel’s life are suddenly on the line. Can he stop this evil, or is it already too late? Beautifully written and filled with gripping plot twists and turns, Insidious Measures explores historical conspiracy and mixes it up with events eerily similar to those playing out today. Freedom and liberty must be vigilantly guarded, says Portner, and we must be aware of the often subtle forces that seek to undermine our way of life. A global government is not the answer, says Portner. Part Atlas Shrugged, part The Overton Window, and totally original, Insidious Measures will change the way you see the world, even as it tingles your spine. Paperback Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 1.6 inches, 694 Pages A Political Thriller That Will Shake You